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07 November 2009 @ 08:03 pm
oh em gosh. !  
I'm so bored. Bored,bored, boredd! Just got back from Chuck E. Cheese's for my cute little nephew's birthday ! He's 5 years old.! So cute. ^^ Keke. Well, I actually got back at around 4-5, then I took a nap... and woke up an hour ago.

And the internet is being stupid on, I can't log into my gmail. Gayyyy. ! >_< Aghh.

Might start on some homework laterr, cause Dad's Birthday is tomorrow, and we're doing some big stuff ! <3

I don't know what else to fill up in the entry, just really bored. And I think I'm catching on a cold. It's really super hot, I feel the need to puke, and I'm getting a little dizzy. blechh.

Okies, bye~!
Feeling : : thirsty
Listening To : : Toki Wo Tomete- TVXQ