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30 June 2010 @ 10:09 pm
It's official ,  
So, I officially am a low-life. Haha. I was on ssf, fooling around on the shoutbox. I'm sure everyone there were probably like o_O . Anyways, the short and stupid story: My sister has now unofficially taken over of my account by spamming a bit in the shoutbox, haha. It's good I made another account(; But anyways, I told her to log on so we could chat w/ each other on there. It was pretty funny, because people probably thought that I was not-normal, since I made two accounts and unintentionally made it seem like I was talking to myself. Hehe. Now I look like a freak. >_< I'm pretty cool, right? (Sarcasm) I've done some embarrassing stuff on my old account anyways, like posting up two of the same topic threads in the artwork section and correcting ssf's grammer ("perfect for you fan area", hehe). Now, I'll start fresh with a new account. The only thing is, people on that site will still think of me as weird. I'm a freaking failure. -____-
Okay, bye, I'm going to go get a life. (More like go photo-shop my heart out).
And it's not real necessary to share (`nor was my stupid story), but my soshified accounts:
krazzy-lovex3 (old one that sister owns, but doesn't in a strange way)
choco__mint (new one that only I own.)
So come find me there, because I'm desperate for friends on soshified. Ahaha, I'm kidding. (:
Feeling : : giggly
Listening To : : Thank You- Charice